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India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally with the Indian generics accounting for 20% of global exports in terms of volume. The Indian pharmaceutical market size is expected to grow to US$ 100 billion by 2025, driven by increasing consumer spending, rapid urbanization, and raising healthcare insurance among others. The ongoing pandemic impacted the manufacturing and supply chain operations of pharmaceuticals despite it being considered an essential service and excluded from the lockdown. However, government initiatives have helped to minimize disruptions to pharmaceutical manufacturing and the supply chain.

As countries and companies alike continue to grapple with the unprecedented challenges thrown up by the Pandemic situation, a specific area of concern has been the uncertainty surrounding the impact on the global as well as Indian pharma industry supply chains.

Going forward, better growth in domestic sales would also depend on the ability of companies leverage effective supply chain strategies. Considering the paradigm shifts in the pharma supply chain, CPhI India is pleased to announce the 11th Annual Pharma Supply Chain Management Summit as a Virtual Summit.